50 m/35 Lbs
CHF 35.00


Mono shooting lines with flat profile offer incredible shoot ability and great handling. The Guideline Compline II is no exception from this and perfectly combines and compromises shooting performance and handling due to its thin diameter and flat, easy to grip profile. The line has been formulated a touch more supple compared to its predecessor to ease flattening kinks and curl. The line loses its memory after first stretching on the water and remains very smooth afterwards even in cold conditions.

Guideline Compline II represents good handling and maximum distance at an very economical price. 

# 35lbs: best suited for light double handed- and switch rods up to class #6/7 as well as single handed rods


  • Mono running line
  • Flat profile
  • Easy to straighten
  • Remains straight and memory free  in cold conditions
  • Length: 50m
  • Color: orange (35lbs)