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GUIDELINE High Water Classic WF

CHF 89.90
CHF 89.90


Highwater was a very popular line that was in the Guideline assortment for nearly two decades. This line, The Highwater Classic is based on the first-generation line that was all green in colour. This fly line is well suited as an allrounder in your arsenal. It’s agile enough at short to mid distance and make it easy to perform longer cast with good control when necessary. This taper has been a firm favourite amongst the GL-Team that regularly fish larger rivers and lakes.


The line consists of a front taper of 4-4,6 meters followed by a long level belly of 6,8 to 7,4 meters depending of the line weight. This ensures delicate presentations and perfect turnover of long delicate dry fly leaders. The relative long level belly gives super balance and generate smooth and stable loops that roll over beautifully at any distance. The rear taper is 1,8 to 2,2m and is long enough to not compromise the stability, yet short enough to make the line well suited to perform spey casts for those who are comfortable with the head length.

The color transition from bright green on the head to bone white on the running line gives you a good reference when performing water born casts. Total head lengths vary depending on line weights, the line is available from WF3F to WF7F and total head length goes from 12,5 to 14,3 meters. The head weights are similar to the Experience+ line, however the Highwater feels different due to the fact that weight is distributed on a longer distance. The Highwater feels even more balanced and is easier to hold in the air.