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CHF 84.00
CHF 84.00
CHF 84.00


The perfect weapon for versatile and efficient fishing with light trout rods.This line features two-in-one-configuration which gives you both a delicate presentation WF line and a thin, level Euro Nymph line with indicator tip in one unit. If you fish dries and nymphs the traditional way, you use the delicate and low diameter presentation WF taper end. This will deliver your flies stealthy and with pinpoint accuracy at short to medium distance.

If you want to switch and fish with Euro Nymph tactics, a simple and quick reversing of the line reveals a dedicated 0,58 mm nymph line that gets you into the action in a couple of minutes. All for the price of one line. The line has a subtle and stealthy two-tone olive-green color and an Sunrise Yellow indicator section on the tip section of the Euro Nymph side.

The LPS/Euro line has a very slick, water repellent coating, a balanced medium stretch and a low diameter head. There are strong and small factory-made loops in both ends and It is built on a 12 lbs braided multifilament core. Head Length 11,0 m. Total length 22,0m. Available line weights from WF2F – WF4F.  The fly line box and spool are both eco-friendly and compostable. 


Model Head Lenght Head Weight Color Total Lenght
LPS Euro WF2F 11m / 36 ft. 6g / 92 grains Light Olive/Pale Olive/Sunrise 22 m / 24 yds
LPS Euro WF3F 11m / 36 ft. 8g /123 grains Light Olive/Pale Olive/Sunrise 22 m / 24 yds
LPS Euro WF4F 11m / 36 ft. 10g / 154 grains Light Olive/Pale Olive/Sunrise 22 m / 24 yds